Natural Medium Barrel Plant

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Natural Medium Barrel Plant

In 1960 Derek Parnaby Cyclones International Ltd first created the Natural Medium Barrel Plant. In the last 50 years, Parnaby Cyclones have manufactured and installed hundreds of complete wash plants all over the world for the coal preparation industry and other industries more recently such as glass recycling and sand and gravel separation. Over the many years of production, the designs and performance have been perfected, with significant improvement and development on top of an already successful design.

The Natural Medium Barrel plant comes in sizes 4/30, 6/30, 7/3-, 8/36 and 9/40.  See below for further details.

A ‘large capacity’ range of Barrel Plants is currently under development. Contact us for more information.

Technical Details

Size Capacity Max Feed
4/30 45-50 TPH < 80mm
6/30 80 TPH < 100mm
7/30 120 TPH < 100mm
8/36 200-220 TPH < 125mm
9/40 300-350 TPH < 150mm



This is the most cost effective equipment for processing easily separated coals, especially run-of-mine coal for industrial use.

Raw material and water are fed into the top of the barrel.

The water combines with the fine coal and shale particles to form a viscous natural medium (1.0 to 1.3sg). The barrel is angled, and the inside is scrolled. The combination of the viscosity of the medium and the dynamic effect of the barrel revolving (at 5 – 20 rpm) causes the coal to float near the top of the flowing stream.
The shale, which is heavier, sinks to the bottom and is carried by the scrolls back out of the top end of the barrel. The effective range for separation is between 1.5 and 1.8sg.

At the lower end of the barrel there is a sizing screen which lets water and particles smaller than 12mm drain through. This mixture is pumped to the cyclones.

The larger coal particles pass over a dewatering screen and on to the stock pile.

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natural medium barrel plant nmbp-graphic-2

Industry Use

  • Coal Preparation
  • Copper
  • Oil
  • Recycling
  • Water/Sewage
  • Gypsum
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Road Sweepings
  • Tunnelling
  • Agriculture

For further information on Parnaby Coal Preparation, please click here