Parnaby Wash Module 1100

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Parnaby Wash Plant – PWM 1100

Separate, Screen, Wash, and Classify, by size fraction and by density

The new Parnaby wash plant, is both modular, and portable, and can process up to 80 t/ph. of material. Materials can include, C&D waste, C&I waste, Sand & Gravel, Trommel Fines and Soil etc.


The functionality of the unit enables customers to be flexible with infeed type and size. The unit can take materials up to 100mm.

The module has a pre-wet screen upfront with 5mm PU decks on, which also acts as size protection for the wash plant. All of the <5mm material is wet screened through the deck and gravity fed to the cyclone feed tank, in preparation for the classifying cyclone. Course heavies >5mm will continue through the wash plant and be suitably cleaned and scrubbed, ending up on the de-watering screen at the other end. The light organic materials are floated away from the heavies back up the module, also onto a de-watering screen and out.

Finally the <5mm sand product is pumped up to the classifying cyclone for cleaning, and is then dumped onto another heavies de-watering screen, producing two cleaned heavy aggregate products a <5mm sand, and a >5-100mm course aggregate. All of the light, organic material is ejected out the back of the unit.

Materials can include:

  • C&D waste
  • C&I waste
  • Sand & Gravel
  • Trommel Fines and Soil
  • Material up to 100mm @ 80 t/p/h

The wash module can be sold separately to the water treatment module, and vice versa, as can be seen in the above 3D image.