Vertical Hydro-Cyclone Separator

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Vertical Hydro-Cyclone Separator

The Parnaby Vertical Hydro-Cyclone Separator is a classifying cyclone used for separating particles of different sizes ranging from coal to sand.

Vertical Hydro-Cyclone Separator - Vertical-cyclone-module

Parnaby’s produce a range of both vertical and horizontal cyclones. The Vertical Hydro-Cyclone Separator is mounted so that the smaller particles come out of the top and the larger particles at the bottom as in the diagram below.

This equipment is also known as a sand cyclone in the quarrying industry and is suitable for classifying particles from 20 to 150 microns.


In cyclones, the small particles are separated by centrifugal and vortex action (the cyclone itself does not move). The water/particle mixture is pumped into the side of the cyclone tangentially (1) and swirls around creating a vortex in which the smaller particles (less than 100 micron) are sucked to the middle (2) and out to a dewatering screen. The larger particles are thrown by centrifugal force to the wall of the cyclone and are discharged at the bottom end (3).


Industry Use

  • Coal Preparation
  • Copper
  • Recycling
  • Gypsum
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Roadside Sweepings

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