Glass Washing

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Parnaby Cyclone’s Glass Washing Plant is a wet process designed specifically to process difficult and highly contaminated MRF Glass. As legislation demands ever increasing glass recovery and recycling increases the requirement for a flexible, high efficient process to allow the maximum recovery of clean glass from the MRF sector is required.

Glass Washing

Glass recovered in a typical MRF (Material Recycling Facility) is generally very contaminated with excessive quantities of organic material, which then requires further processing and currently has involved dry methods of separation.

Such dry methods using air pressure, result in a high % of the smaller glass particles being retained in the recovered organic waste, thus considerably reducing the relatively larger clean glass now available from the original. This can be as high as 30% and further processing is normally considered unviable with existing processing facilities.


Using the Parnaby Glass Washing plant, the processed MRF glass can be used in the following industries and to the required specifications:

  • Remelt for Bottle Production
  • Fiberglass Insulation
  • Filtration Media
  • Grit Blast Media
  • Foamed Glass
  • Industrial Glass Sands

Benefits of our Glass Washing Plant

Benefits over dry processes:

  1. Much lower glass loss, typically <100um
  2. Higher capacities
  3. Flexible in terms of contamination levels and changeable feed stock
  4. Designed specifically for highly contaminated MRF Glass
  5. Reduced dust, fire and health hazards
  6. Flexible in terms of moisture % of raw infeed material
  7. Optical colour sorting and ceramic removal throughput increased
  8. Organic residue retained in clean glass less than 0.3% by weight

Material Images

glass washing -glass-raw-feed-material
Raw Feed Material

glass washing - glass coarse product
Coarse Material

glass washing - glass fine product material
Fine Product

glass washin - glass fine waste material
Fine Waste

glass washing - glass waste material
Waste Material

glass washing - glass waste detail material
Waste Material Detail

glass washing - glass filter cake material
Filter Cake Material

glass washing - glass process detail
Process Details

glass washing - glass industry 3d resized

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