IBA Washing and Separation

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Parnaby Cyclones manufactures two main closed loop systems for IBA Washing and Separation (Incinerator Bottom Ash), as well as individual stand alone products.


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The two main Parnaby IBA washing and separation techniques are the ‘Natural Medium’ and ‘Dense Medium’ systems which can be used in the recovery of the following materials found in IBA:

  • Ferrous Metals
  • Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Mixed Aggregates
  • Plastics
  • Organics

Both techniques are highly efficient and depending on the nature of the client’s IBA, Parnaby Cyclones can assist in making the decision on which system and separation method will be most effective.

IBA Washing and Separation Equipment

IBA Material Images

iba washing and separation-raw-feed-material
Raw Feed

iba washing and separation-course-aggregate-material
Course Aggregate

iba washing and separation -fine-aggregate-material
Fine Aggregate

iba washing and separation -fines-paper-plastic-material
Fines, Plastic and Paper

iba washing and separation-ferrus-metal-material
Ferrus Metal

iba washing and separation -non-ferrus-metal-material
Non-Ferrus Metal

iba washing and separation -sand-material

iba washing and separation -filter-cake-material
Filter Cake

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