Sand Washing Plant

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Sand Washing Plant

Parnaby Cyclones manufactures and installs a wide range of sand washing plant for the separating and classifying of different grades of sand and aggregates.

These include the supply of effluent treatment systems, such as thickener only systems, or full closed circuit treatment plants, to replace traditional lagoons.

Our sand washing plant are low cost, robust and efficient for separating coarse fine sands (with single stage and two stage cyclone modules available) with cut points typically at 63, 75 and 100mm.

Two product sand plants separate typically 5x2mm and 2mm x 75mm.

Capacities up to 150TPH are available.

Parnaby Cyclones also specialise in lignite from sand separation. This improves the quality and value of the sand, especially for use in concrete. This process is efficient up to horizontal hydro-cyclones.

sand washing plant


sand washing pland and equipment

For further details of our range of equipment for the washing, separating and classifying of different grades of sand and aggregates, please view our brochure

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