Soil Washing Plant

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Soil Washing Plant

Parnaby Cyclones manufactures and installs a wide range of equipment including soil washing plant for the separation and classification of different grades of recycled aggregates.

See our Soil Washing Plant in action


Industries suited for our Parnaby soil washing plant include:

  • Demolition Waste
  • Contaminated Soils
  • Road Sweepings
  • Interceptor Wastes

Installations range from a full  stand alone soil washing plant with closed loop effluent treatment systems to both modular and mobile washing plant.  Parnaby modular soil washing plant include:-

  • Hydro-Cyclone Separators
  • Barrel Separators
  • Thickener/ Clarifier Cells
  • Belt Presses

Parnaby Cyclones processing equipment has been involved in major redevelopment schemes such as projects including brownfield sites, this gives Parnaby’s the expertise, knowledge and understanding of contaminants such as ‘TPH’ (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons), and heavy metals, their characteristics, and how best to treat them.

Contaminated Soil Images

soil washing plant -contaminated-soil-raw-feed
Raw Feed

soil washing plant - contaminated-soil-coarse-product
Coarse Product

soil washing plant - contaminated-soil-fine-product
Fine Product

soil washing plant - contaminated-soil-waste
Waste Image

soil washing plant - contaminated-soil-filtercake
Filter Cake

soil washing plant - recycled-aggregates-industry-3d-resized

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