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WEEE Washing Plant,

Parnaby Cyclones manufacture a range of WEEE washing plant and WEEE separation equipment for the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment  industry.

The two main Parnaby products used for WEE washing and WEE separation are :

Parnaby Cyclone’s range of Hydro-Cyclones specialise in the pre-concentration of metals from plastics, leaving a clean mixed plastic ready for further processing. This process works on separating the material streams based on their difference in density. A mixture of both separation and cleaning (gentle attrition) inside the cyclone provides very clean separate product streams.

Further processing typically comprises density separation using Parnaby Float Sink tanks to split the plastics into valuable groups:

  • PP(Poly-propylene)
  • PE ((Polyethylene)
  • PS (Polystyrene)
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Material Images – Example 1

WEEE washing plant-raw-feed-material
WEEE Raw Feed Material

WEEE washing plant -coarse-product-material
WEEE Coarse Product

WEEE washing plant -waste-material
WEEE Waste

WEEE washing plant -WEEE-filtercake-material
WEEE Filter Cake Material

Material Images – Example 2

WEEE washing plant - WEEE-example2-output2-material
WEEE Raw Material

WEEE washing plant - WEEE-example2-output1-material
WEEE Recovered Output One

WEEE washing plant -WEEE-example2-feed-material
WEEE Recovered Output Two


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