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Second-hand plant available SOON

Parnaby 7/30 Natural Medium Barrel Washing Plant with raw coal feed line, incorporating a roll sizer plant.

Currently located in South Wales on a run of mine coal project the feed capacity is 100tph.

Plant will be available from January 2020.

Please contact Parnaby Cyclones on +44 1388 720849 for further information on price, availability and technical specification.

For Sale:- PARNABY CYCLONES 100tph sized coal Modular Transportable Dense Medium Drum Module – PRICE ON APPLICATION

Parnaby Cyclones is currently completing the manufacture of a 100tph Modular Transportable Dense Medium (Magnetite process) Drum module – suitable to wash 10 mm x max. 150 mm pre-sized Raw Coal feed.














Due to item currently under construction images are not of the actual plant, but a display example of previously completed projects*

We expect completion of manufacture by the mid October 2019.

The full plant unit will comprise of:-

  • Desliming screen ‘Parnaby’ 1.5 m single deck low head, with 3.0 mm aperture heavy-duty stainless-steel wedge wire deck, complete with twin vibratory motors, feed and discharge trays.
  • Slimes tank to above in 6 mm thick mild steel plate construction.
  • Slimes pump – 4/3 with drive motor, vee drive, support and guard set.
  • Dense Medium drum feed launder wear plate lined with 10 mm Abro steel.
  • Dense Medium Drum – ‘Parnaby’ 8’ dia. x 10’ long 2 product separator.
  • Pneumatic running gear to above with 8 no: branded quality radial tyres with 10 bolt rim sets, mounted to 100 mm dia. shafts and spherical roller bearings (SKF), complete with planetary gear drive set, drive motor linked to AC Inverter speed ranger – variable speed controller.
  • Sinks collect launder chute – wear plate lined with 10 mm Abro steel.
  • Internal side doors and supports to Dense Medium drum.
  • Floats chute to Dense Medium drum lined with 10 mm Abro steel.
  • Combined floats / sinks vibratory drain and rinse screen – ‘Parnaby’ 2.4 m wide SDLH fitted with 1 mm aperture heavy-duty stainless-steel wedge wire deck, with products partition plate, heavy duty geared mechanism drive, feed and discharge trays.
  • Circulating medium tank in 10 mm thick mild steel plate construction – wear plate lined to lower section in 10mm thick mild steel.
  • Dilute medium tank as per above spec.
  • Circulating medium pump – 6/4 with drive motor, vee drive, support and guard set.
  • Dilute medium pump set – 4/3 with drive motor, vee drive support and guard.
  • Magnetite separation drum – 36” diameter face with feed box, support frame, guard, overflow and underflow chutes.
  • Circulating medium header box with slide gate ~ flow rate controls in 10 mm thick plate construction.
  • Heavy duty main support frame of welded and bolted construction and painted 2 coats single pack polyurethane finish.
  • Pipe-works, comprising:-
    • All pressurised feed lines in HDPE and duty rubber hose to bend points
  • Gravity flow returns in UPVC
  • Valves of various branded quality.
  • Spray bars in mild steel (medium duty) with polyurethane fish tail nozzles.
  • Electrical control panel – Form 2, wardrobe style panel size 2200 mm (H) x 4500 mm (W) x 400 mm (D), includes 100 mm plinth, IP54.
  • Supply voltage = 415 V, 3 ph., 50
    HZ – 110 V control voltage, including the following specified drives. Cabling to specified drives in standard wired armoured, mounted on galvanised tray plates.
  • (To UK Mines and Quarries standard) ~ Installed Power: 100.0 kw ~ Estimated consumable: 70.0 kw / hr.
  • Access platforms, Magnetite separation area and stairways fitted with box grid flooring, stair-treads, painted support structures and hand-railing, kick plates – all galvanised finish.

Please contact Parnaby Cyclones directly to discuss costs and transportation


Fully functional wash plant

Parnaby Cyclones trial wash plant, currently installed and fully functioning at the manufacturing site in County Durham. The facility is fully configurable and has been used during client visits to process and wash a variety of different raw feeds.







  • Complete closed loop system with suspended solid extraction (MRF Press)
  • Cyclone density separation (natural medium)
  • Barrel density separation (natural medium)
  • Cyclone Classification
  • Effluent Treatment
  • C/W flocculant mix and dosing system
  • Lab cabin
  • Control panel cabin
  • Conveyors (feed and products)
  • Feed hopper
  • Separation bins
  • Siemens PLC electrical control system
    • c/w A3 size
    • colour touch screen
    • inverter drives
    • liquid level sensors
    • water pressure sensors
    • plant e-stops
    • cabling to drives
  • All housed in lined and insulated control cabin

Viewing strongly advised to appreciate full specification

Please contact Parnaby Cyclones directly to discuss costs of plant, dismantling and site assembly.


Pre-Owned – Contact us for details.

50tph DM Cyclone Plant with Centrifuge

Throughput: 50tph ROM Coal
(Subject to examination of Float/Sink Analysis and the PSD)
Size Range: -50mm

Contact Parnaby Cyclones for full details and Price.

Pre-Owned – Contact us for details.

6m Diameter Thickener Cell – SOLD

Contact Parnaby Cyclones for full details and Price.

Pre-Owned – Contact us for details.

9m Diameter Thickener Cell – SOLD

Contact Parnaby Cyclones for full details and Price.

Pre-Owned – Contact us for details.

MRF Glass Washing Plant.

The Plant is currently located in the North West UK and briefly includes:

  • Parnaby MRF Glass Wash PLant
  • Max feed size of 13mm
  • 2 stages of Cyclone Density Separation
  • Complete with all Conveyors
  • Closed Circuit Effluent Treatment System

Contact Parnaby Cyclones for full details and Price.

Pre-Owned – Contact us for details.

3M Diameter Hydrosizer For Sale.

We are pleased to be able to offer for sale a fully refurbished 3m diameter Hydrosizer system suitable for the treatment of Fine Coal or Sand/Lignite removal.

The plant consists of: –

1. Feed tank with lining to the bottom 1m of the tank and around the pump suction.
2. 8/6 DAH Warman feed pump and 75kW motor
3. Classifying Cyclones 4 off AKW 350mm Classifying Cyclones.
4. 3m diameter Hydrosizer with adjustable discharge control panel and spigots
5. Overflow collection tank, lined to the bottom 1m.
6. Fine Coal/Overflow classifying cyclone feed pump, Warman 6/4 DAH with 30kW motor.
7. Fine Coal Classifying Cyclones, 2 off AKW Classifying Cyclones.
8. Fine Coal dewatering screen. Don Valley 4 x 10’ with two 5.5kW vibratory motors.
9. Fine coal dewatering centrifuge. Don Valley H1000 screen/scroll centrifuge. Fitted with a 75kW main drive and 0.55kw oil pump.
10. Underflow collection tank, lined to the bottom 1m.
11. Underflow Classifying cyclone feed pump, Warman 6/4 DAH with 22kw motor.
12. Underflow Classifying Cyclones 2 off AKW Classifying Cyclones.
13. Fine underflow dewatering screen. 4 x 8’ with two 3.9 kW vibratory motors.
14. Fluidising water pump, 100/80 BMU with 7.5kW motor.
The fine coal/effluent is collected in the feed tank and pumped at a constant volume and pressure to the Primary Classifying cyclones. These will remove the very fine material, nominally less than 150 microns with the majority of the effluent. This will report to the cyclone overflows and will be collected in a headbox to be treated by the client’s effluent treatment system.

The Classifying Cyclone spigot product is discharged directly to the Hydrosizer. Here a controlled fluidised bed is maintained by the addition of clean water injected into the bottom of the vessel with a pressurised clean water pump. The heavier discard or sand is held in a “Teeter” bed or fluidised bed. This will allow the heavier particles to build up or sink through this bed whilst the lighter coal fractions will be lifted and out of the Hydrosizer with the fluidising water.

Both Products are collected in their respective tanks and pumped to thickening/classifying cyclones. Both sets of spigot products are discharged directly to their dewatering screens. The coal dewatering screen will discharge directly to a High “G” dewatering centrifuge to further dewater the final product. The plant will be complete with its modular support structure and access but we can provide bespoke structures, platforms, and access to meet your requirements.

For further details please contact Mr Adrian Parnaby or Mr. T Iveson.

Note that the above details are typical and for reference purposes only.

New Item – Contact us for details.

New (Never Used) Wemco Froth Flotation Cells

Wemco Froth Flotation Cells, suitable to treat nominally less than 0.750mm material. Available complete with galvanised steel support frame and access walkways.