Parnaby Cyclones

We wish you a Happy New Year 2019

        We have had a busy year in 2018, which is always good. The factory has seen a steady progression of manufacturing and we have hosted quite a few new companies observing our trial wash plant in action. Some of these have become clients we have worked with to provide effective solutions [...]

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Recycle Week 2018

As part of Recycle Week UK we have been remembering the 'good old days' - when we returned empty bottles to the 'Pop Man', bundled newspapers, reused milk bottles and shopping was taken home in a trolley. Recycling isn't a new idea, we just need to evolve methods to process it all. Visit to see [...]

Parnaby Cyclones success at RWM 2018

Parnaby Cyclones attended the RWM exhibition at Birmingham NEC, which took place 12 and 13 September. The doors opened at 10am on Wednesday 12th September and from that moment the Parnaby Cyclones representatives, all four of them, didn't stop until the doors closed at 5.00pm. It would be fair to say a few of the [...]

Parnaby Cyclones brochure 2018

Overseeing Parnaby Cyclones re-branding and subsequent updating of new marketing materials has at times been a labour of love, to see the finished article, there in front of us makes it all worth while. This is just one brochure, we have a few more to go to showcase our capabilities in different sectors plus individual literature [...]

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