Trial Wash Plant

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Parnaby Cyclones have designed, manufactured and built a full size trial wash plant for the demonstration and trial running of various materials.

Parnaby Cyclones - Recycling and Recovery - Trial Wash Plant

Live Trial Wash Plant

Parnaby Cyclones have been able to use their extensive process and design knowledge to manufacture and build a live trial wash plant. Parnaby Cyclones have used their separation technology to improve and increase efficiency for their customers’ many diverse applications and deliver significant benefits over existing dry processing methods.

As well as glass washing, sand washing, soil washing, the Parnaby trial wash plant can also be used for separation in other waste and recycling industries such as recycled aggregates,
demolition Waste, stone, rock, IBA, shredder light fraction, automotive shredder residue, precious metals, WEEE fines and plastics.

Parnaby Cyclones has an international reputation for excellence. It provides a comprehensive service including consultation, design, manufacture,installation, after sales and maintenance.



Come and run your own material, and see what value you can add

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