Washing Plant

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Washing Plant

Parnaby Cyclones is a family-owned business that has designed, manufactured, and installed washing plant and equipment for the mining, quarrying, and mineral industries all over the world since 1973. Installations ranging from full washing plant with closed loop effluent treatment systems, both modular and mobile, to individual pieces of stand alone equipment.

Washing Plant

An early Parnaby wash plant.

The Parnaby process includes a combination of washing, separating, and de-watering as part of a continuous closed loop automated system. As well as the coal preparation industry, this extensive process and design knowledge has now been applied to other waste and recycling industries including:

  • Glass
  • Automotive Waste
  • Aggregates
  • Soil
  • Sand
  • WEE
  • Plastics
  • IBA

This has enabled Parnaby Cyclones to use their separation technology to help improve and increase efficiencies for their customers over existing dry processing methods.

washing plant

Coal Washing Plant

Parnaby Cyclones provide a wide range of both mobile and modular washing plant for the coal preparation industry. Parnaby Cyclones is a long established family business, founded back in 1973 by Derek Parnaby who developed the world famous ‘Parnaby Process’ for minerals separation using barrels and cyclones.

Over the intervening years the company has developed a wide range of both mobile and modular coal washing plant for the preparation and separation of different grades of coal, the recovery of fine coal particles and the treatment and disposal of effluent.

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washing plant

Glass Washing Plant

Parnaby Cyclone’s Glass Washing Plant is a wet process designed specifically to process difficult and highly contaminated MRF Glass. As legislation demands ever increasing glass recovery and recycling there is a requirement for a flexible, high efficient process to allow the maximum recovery of clean glass from the MRF sector.

Glass recovered in a typical MRF (Material Recycling Facility) is generally very contaminated.The Parnaby Glass Washing Plant is designed specifically for high capacity, highly contaminated MRF Glass with low glass loss, typically <100um.

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washing plant

Automotive Waste Washing Plant

Automotive Waste Washing is the processing of ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue) or also known as SLF (Shredder Light Fraction) which is the by-product from the recycling and recovery of valuable metals from both commercial and domestic vehicles.

The Parnaby closed loop separation and recovery system can be used in the Automotive Waste Washing industry to wash and separate out various ferous and non ferous metals and plastics ready for resale, turning a waste into multiple high value products streams.

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Aggregate Washing Plant

As part of Parnaby Cyclone’s expansion into the recycling industry, they have been able to manufacture and install washing plant specifically for washing, separating and classifying different grades of recycled aggregates.

Some of the industries where the Parnaby aggregate washing plant can be used include: demolition wasste, road sweepings, and interceptor wastes.

Installations range from full stand along wash plant with closed loop effluent treatment systems to modular and mobile washing plant.

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wash plant
washing plant

Soil Washing Plant

Parnaby Cyclones manufactures and install soil washing plant ranging from a full stand alone wash plant with closed loop effluent treatment systems
to both modular and mobile washing plant.

Industries suited for our Parnaby soil washing plant include: demolition waste, contaminated soils, road sweepings and interceptor wastes

Parnaby Cyclones processing equipment has been involved in major redevelopment projects including brownfield sites.

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Sand Washing Plant

Parnaby Cyclones manufactures and installs a wide range of sand washing plant for the separating and classifying of different grades of sand and aggregates.

These include the supply of effluent treatment systems or full closed circuit treatment plants.

Our sand wash plant are low cost, robust and efficient for separating coarse fine sands, with single stage and two stage cyclone modules available

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WEEE Washing Plant

Parnaby Cyclones manufacture a range of WEEE washing plant and WEEE separation equipment for the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment industry.

Parnaby Cyclone’s range of Hydro-Cyclones specialise in the pre-concentration of metals from plastics, leaving a clean mixed plastic ready for further processing.

Further processing typically comprises density separation using Parnaby Float Sink tanks to split the plastics into valuable groups.

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Plastic Washing Plant

The Parnaby Cyclone wash plant was first used for polymer separation in the Automative and WEE sectors but has now been extended to include ridged polymers.
Parnaby Cyclones have now increased their range of washing equipment to suit different requirements across various industries.

Plastics can also be separated using Parnaby plastic separation technology.

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IBA Wash Plant

Parnaby Cyclones manufactures two main closed loop systems for the washing and separation of  IBA (Incinerator Bottom Ash), as well as individual stand alone products.

The two main Parnaby IBA washing and separation techniques are the ‘Natural Medium’ and ‘Dense Medium’ systems which can be used in the recovery of materials found in IBA.

Both techniques are highly efficient and Parnaby Cyclones can assist in making the decision on which system will be most effective.

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