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Float Sink Tanks

Parnaby offer a range of float sink float tanks for the classifying of heavy and light materials.




Parnaby offer a range of float sink tanks for the classifying of heavy and light materials. Sink float separation tanks or water baths as they are sometimes known, offer a simple yet effective method of density separation which is based on the simple principle of light materials floating and heavies sinking. Offering a range of sizes and configurations to meet the customers needs, Parnaby has over 50 years’ experience in this field

Our sink float tanks are suited to a wide range of applications including biomass, composting, coal, C&D waste, metals, plastics and many others, where

Depending on the application, Parnaby have a bespoke offering that will suit your needs.  From stationary sink float separator systems for large scale separation to more mobile skid mounted offerings, our knowledge and expertise across a wide range of applications will ensure that we get the correct size and solution to meet your needs.  We offer a range of sizes, the option of a screw or belt discharge and also a mobile version with its own generator.

Technical Details

Maximum Feed Size: Shaft


How does a sink float tank work?

Material is fed into the tank where it has a chance to settle.  The light fraction floats to the top and is removed by paddles or bristles, where as the heavies sink to the bottom.  These are then taken out by a screen or conveyor where there is a dewatering element due to gravity occurring on the discharge


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