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Fine Material Solutions

Density Cyclones

The Parnaby Density Cyclones, also commonly known as Horizontal Hydro-Cyclone Separators are a fines material classifying cyclone which are used for density separation of particles with similar characteristics, making it one of the most technologically advanced products available in wet processing.

Sizing Cyclones

The Parnaby Sizing Cyclones, also commonly referred to as Vertical Hydro-Cyclone Separators are used for classifying fine materials.

Table Separators

The Parnaby table separator range offer an unrivalled solution for the exacting recovery of high value materials.

Screw Separators

Parnaby Cyclones manufacture a range of Screw Separators for a wide range of applications.

Froth Flotation Cells

Parnaby froth flotation cells are a highly versatile solution for physically separating particles based on the difference in the ability of air bubbles to selectively adhere to specific mineral surfaces in a mineral and water slurry.

Pump Systems

Parnaby Cyclones provide a range of sump pump sets which can be tailor made to suit your specific wet processing requirements.


Parnaby Hydrosizers are part of a range of equipment for processing particles smaller than 1mm.

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