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Parnaby thickeners and clarifiers form an integral part in all water management solutions.




Parnaby thickeners and clarifiers form an integral part in all water management solutions. The primary purpose of a thickener is to allow enough settlement time for the dirty water to be cleaned and then reused in the system.

All Parnaby thickeners have a special profile and an internal moving rake which is designed to achieve rapid settlement of solids in water.  The unique design maximises the efficiency and significantly aids the thickening process.

Parnaby offer a wide range of thickeners for all applications with cones from 3m to 20m diameter capable of throughputs of between 30 and 1,000 cubic metres per hour.

Benefits of Parnaby Thickeners

  • Modular design
  • High throughput
  • Low flocculant requirement
  • Easily assembled
  • Do not need to be bolted to foundations
  • Easily integrated into existing solutions
  • Excellent residual value

In addition Parnaby offer full floculant systems to assist with the thickening process for applications where this is required.

How do Parnaby Thickeners work?

The recycled water is pumped to a thickener to allow the solid particles to be removed. The Parnaby rake design assists with efficiency by help force the heavier particles down in the settlement process

Technical Details

Type Diameter Capacity (tph - dry solids) approx
High rate 2m 2
High rate 3m 4
High rate 4m 6
High rate 5m 8
High rate 6m 12
High rate 7m 15
High rate 8m 20
High rate 9m 30
High rate 10m 40
High rate 12m 50
High rate 14m 60
Shallow Cone 5m  
Shallow Cone 6m  
Shallow Cone 7m  
Shallow Cone 8m  


*approximate and material dependant


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