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Sieve Bends

A range of sieve bends for fine sizing applications in wet processing, from static to vibratory sieve bends. Parnaby offer sizes to suit the exact requirements.




Parnaby offer a range of sieve bends for fine sizing applications in wet processing. From static to vibratory sieve bends, Parnaby offer a range of sizes to suit the exact requirements.

Very common in sand processing, coal washing and trommel fines applications, sieve bends are used to size very small fractions. Gravity feeds the material on to the bend which is fitted with the correct aperture mesh to give the specific material desired.

In applications with high contamination or trash the sieve bends can be agitated by vibratory motors or with water pressure to keep them clean and working effectively.

Typically sieve bends are used for the sizing of materials from 0.25mm to 5mm.

Technical Details

Model Dimensions Type
Parnaby SB500 500 Vibratory and Static
Parnaby SB1000 1000 Vibratory and Static
Parnaby SB1500 1500 Vibratory and Static
Parnaby SB2000 2000 Vibratory and Static
Parnaby SB3000 3000 Vibratory and Static


How do Parnaby Sieve Bends work?

Material is fed on to the sieve bend where gravity is used to flow the material over the very fine screen. Vibration, water pressure and/or angle is used to move the material and ensure the required separation. Fine mesh is used to accurately size the product.

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