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Rotary Sieves

The Rotary Sieve serves a wide range of applications. They are primarily used as a separation technique.




The Rotary Sieve has a wide range of applications. They are primarily used as a separation technique. The Filter Drum & Screen rotate driven by two solid rubber wheels mounted on two shafts driven by two independent motor/gearboxes. The effluent feeds into the centre of the ‘Filter Drum’ of the ‘Rotary Sieve’ and water from the spray bars flows through the top part of the drum as it rotates ensuring self-cleaning of the filter screen by eliminating the remaining impurities. As the Filter Drum rotates the two freewheeling brush assemblies clean the screen removing residual small particles from the apertures of the screen.

Particles larger than the mesh aperture size are agitated by the movement of the screw compactor and moved towards a compacting zone and the solids discharged.

Particles smaller than the mesh aperture size passes through the filter screen and channelled away towards the outfeed pipe.

The specific design of the screening zone allows it to be inspected in the stop position thanks to detachable hatches enabling cleaning. In addition, the screening zone can be washed by means of high-pressure jets.


  • High throughput
  • Modular design
  • Easily assembled (fabricated for bolted assembly)
  • Stand-alone — support mounted
  • Equipment quality meets all aspects of ISO 9001 accreditation
  • Installation, Commissioning and Process & Technical Support.

Technical Details

Model Diameter Flow Rate
Parnaby RS600 600 upto 50m3ph
Parnaby RS900 900 upto 120m3ph
Parnaby RS1200 1200 adsupto 200m3ph



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